Potential Briefs

Below you will find a list of archved issues of our Potential Briefs monthly newsletter. The list is presented in chronological order with the most recent issue at the top. Feel free to browse past issues and don't forget to subscribe to our Potential Brief newsletter if you have not done so already.

November 2011 - Potential Briefs - Issue #05
Announcements - Introducing Quantum Neuromonitoring and Dr. Dhiraj Jeyanandarajan Article Highlight - Can Triggered Electromyograph Thresholds Predict Safe Thoracic Screw Placement? Technical Review - Bone Thresholds for Pedicle Screw Stimulation Reference Guide - Third Edition

July 2011 - Potential Briefs - Issue #04
Announcements - ORIMtec attending Annual ASET meeting in Atlanta, Article Highlight - Predictive value of intraoperative neurophyisiological monitoring during cervical spine surgery: a prospective analysis of 1055 consecutive patients , Training Video Clip - Surgical Procedures - Cervical (Disc Level Identification), Instrument Review - Pituitary Ronguer, MEP Muscles - Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis, Vastus Lateralis, Extensor Digitorum Brevis

May 2011 - Potential Briefs - Issue #03
Announcements - ORIMtec attending Annual ASNM in Orlando, Supervision Poll, Article Highlight - Cervical Spine Motion Generated With Manual Versus Jackson Table Turning Methods in a Caveric C1-C2 Global Instability Model , Instrument Review - Jackson OSI Table Flip, Advancing the IONM Profession - IONM at a Crossroad, Cable Management

April 2011 - Potential Briefs - Issue #02

Article Highlight - Protecting the Genitofemoral Nerve during Direct/Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion (DLIF/XLIF) Procedures, Procedure Review - Lateral for the Interbody Fusion and Posterior for Transpedicular Fixation, Illustration Review - Vastus Lateralis, Gastrocnemius, Tibialis Anterior, Website Video Tour

March 2011 - Potential Briefs - Issue #01
Article Highlight - Intraoperative Motor Evoked Potential Alteration in Intracranial Tumor Surgery and Its Relation to Signal Alteration in Postoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Instrument Review - Kerrison Punch (Angled with 45° Bite), Illustration Review - Biceps Brachii, Website Video Tour